Justin W. says:

Its hard to pry my friends out of this place when I'm back in town and I understand why.  The beer selection is awesome (there are over 100 I think), the decor is cool and its stumbling distance from late bars like the Riot Room and Buzzard Beach.

I also give this place props for its music that ranges from new wave to underground hip-hop from the 90s.

I dare say this bar might be the flagship for a good deal of KC's indy/artsy kids.

Sergio Moreno says:

This was my first of several visits to Westport that will take place over the course of this month. Westport has the highest concentration of veggie burgers in Kansas City. Within just a few blocks, you can enjoy a delicious veggie burger at more restaurants than you would expect. Tonight I ate the "Mean Joe Green" veggie burger at The Foundry, and I must say that aside from a slight structural misfortune (the patty was a bit crumbly) it was delicious - the flavor and texture were distinct and memorable. The burger came with a generous serving of avocados and pico de gallo, for which my taste buds were sufficiently grateful. Being in Kansas City's veggie burger epicenter tonight made me think of how easy it has been to be a vegan and a vegetarian in this great town of ours. When I became a born again veggie, five and a half years ago, we were worried that our dining options might be drastically reduced. Then, when a couple of months later I decided to go vegan, we thought for sure we'd never be able to eat out again. But much to our surprise, we have never had a shortage of options. For being a Midwestern cowtown, we have an amazing number of veggie-friendly and veggie-adaptable restaurants in town. In addition to that, we have at our disposal a wonderful repository of all things veg*n in

One of my objectives in undertaking this most worthy endeavor of mine is to pay homage to all the veggie-friendly bars and restaurants that are kind enough to think of people like me. Most of the places I'm visiting are local establishments and even today I've learned of a couple more local purveyors of veggie burgers. Kansas City vegetarians and omnivores alike should be proud of this great city of ours, where we can eat, drink and be merry, regardless of dietary orientation. The Foundry, only in its infancy, is a shining example of this. And they also have great deals on Wednesdays.

Matthew K. says:

The new baby that was born out of the infamous McCoy's is healthy and just learned it's first word: 'Okocimporter'. The Foundry in Westport presents an appealing ambience and is a cozy bar to get away from it all. Plus, it takes longer to get burned out on which makes it stand out from the surrounding bars. It has a nice outside patio which is conducive for a nice late night suare in the summer. It only has one pool table which is usually occupied. I recommend the house wheat or the Oko Cim Porter for beer. The food is above average. Try the burrito or cheeseburger. See you there.

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